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Epoxy Garage Floor - is a set of materials for floor resurfacing. 

It's suitable for garages, warehouses, basements and workshops. 

Liquid polymer coating for professional refinishing of steel and cast iron bathtubs.

Applied in one layer by pouring over
Drying time - from 24 to 48 hours.

Liquid polymer Bathtub&Tile Refinishing Coating.

Applied in two layer by roller or brush.
Drying time - 24 hours.

Pigments for Bathtub & Tile Coatings.

Cleaning agent for bathtub surface preparation.

Hitromax BathStone is a new word in resurfacing world. Just 2 hours away from your new dream bathtub, shower try, swimming pool... with different effects.

The decorative/protective industrial epoxy resin floor coating.

Recommended accessories

Roller Nylon 10 cm, 8 mm

Roller Nylon 25 cm, 8 mm

Roller Nylon 60 cm, 8 mm

Decor Floor Flakes

Weight netto - 0.5 kg

Part cover up to 25 sq.m. (20-30 g/sq.m.)

Full cover up to 1 sq.m. (500 g/sq.m.)

Spiked Roller is used to prevent unevenness. After coating it is used to remove trapped air bubbles after coating.

To walk on fresh coatings.

Scraper with 6 gliding spikes.

Toothed Rubber Blade 58cm, 1mm.

Tooth Squeegee 58 cm

Fitting on large area roller (60cm).