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Dekotla E-7000 Metallic Epoxy Coating

Metallic Epoxy floor coating. 
100% solids.

13 sqm per 6,6kg (at 0.5mm)

exc.VAT 22%

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Pure Metallic Epoxy coating Dekotla E-7000

Dekotla E-7000 is a two component, high performance epoxy concrete floor coating system.

It is the perfect choice for creating designer metallic epoxy floors.
A new type of floor coating with an outstanding finish that will transform your floors.

Make your floors sparkle and shine!
The highly attractive metallic effect reflects the light, lifting dull areas and transforming all areas of your workplace.

Areas of use include: rest rooms, automotive showrooms and schools, residential, commercial and retail spaces.

Available in a stunning range of colours; Silver, Gold, Copper, Bronze & Ruby

Hard wearing and easy to keep clean.

Specification of Metallic Epoxy Dekotla E-7000

Appearance gloss with shimmer/metallic effect
Usage - Interior / Exterior interior
Usage - Surfaces concrete, stone or sand and cement
Coverage (m² per litre/kg) 10m² per 5kg
Dust dry (at +23°C, 50% R.H.) 2-4 hours
Light pedestrian traffic (at +23°C and 50% R.H.): 24 hours
Max Application Temperature (deg C) 25°C
Min Application Temperature (deg C) 15°C

Preparation and Application

Surface Preparation

Concrete to be treated must be at least twelve weeks old, completely dry and free of surface laitance, contaminants and any previous poorly bonded coatings. All traces of grease or oil should be removed with emulsifying degreasant and the area thoroughly washed off and allowed to dry.

Use Dekotla Epoxy Primer for primer coat.


The ratio of Metallic Epoxy is 2 to 1. Mix the following with a drill and mixing paddle.
Note: If using a drill mixer, use a low speed (not to exceed 300 rpm) to prevent air entrapment.
Premix Component A with Metallic Component for 7 mins. Allow to stand for minimum of 5-10min to help escape any air mixed in.
Add Component B and mix for another 5 mins.
Dekotla E-7000 is designed to be immediately poured on the floor. Leaving mixed product in the container will greatly reduce pot life. Once poured out on the floor, up to 45-60 mins of working time can generally be expected.


Optimum ambient temperature should be between 15-25°C during application.
Note: Cure times are affected by ambient and slab temperatures. Temperatures of 15°C and lower can slow cure times. Temperatures of 25°C and higher will speed up working and times.
Apply at approximately 2 m2/kg by immediately pouring out blended material in a wavy ribbon while walking and pouring at the same time until bucket is empty.
Using a squeegee on a pole, pull Dekotla E-7000 Metallic Epoxy over areas to be coated.
Using a 3/8” non-shedding phenolic (plastic) core paint roller, roll coating forwards and backwards.
The epoxy will flow and form it's own unique look on its own.