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Hitromax PA-100 Aliphatic polyurea

Hitromax PA-100 – a two-component coating based on polyaspartic polyurea with enhanced adhesion and high coverage rate. Waterproof, impact and chemical resistance. For roller or brush application.

exc.VAT 22%

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Hitromax PA-100 – a two-component coating based on polyaspartic polyurea with enhanced adhesion and high coverage rate. 

Component A – polyaspartic resin. 

Component B – isocyanate.  


Hitromax PA-100 coating can be used as ground, base or topcoat in manufacturing of floors in garages, workshops, in industries for various purposes, residential houses, warehouses, exhibition centres, open terraces, roofs and also for painting of concrete swimming pools. 

Advantages of Hitromax coatings

  • 100% UV resistance, 
  • extra fast hardening, 
  • possible to apply several layers in one day, 
  • application even at sub-zero temperature, 
  • chemical resistance to different types of fuels, oils, acids and alkalis, 
  • high waterproofing quality and water resistance, 
  • VOC free
  • maximum resistance to impacts and abrasion, 
  • temperature resistance, 
  • application with roller or brush, 
  • possible to apply without prime coating.

Hitromax PA-100 Packing:

Hitromax PA-100 is packed into a steel two-component container of 7.5 kg. 

Component А – 5.2 kg 

Component B – 2.3 kg 

Technical characteristics of Hitromax PA-100.




Grey, beige, blue, white. Colour production for individual needs. 

Recommended film thickness 

200 µm (0,2 mm)

Recommended ambient temperature 

from -5oС to +25oС 

Pot life

10 (+/-5) minutes at 20-25oС

Curing time before walking at + 20oC

2 hours   

Time for maximum strength 

8 hours 


app. 200 g/m2

Volatile content

less than 2%

Instructions for use of Hitromax coating.

For viscosity control, component A can be diluted with acetone or with butyl acetate in the amount of 5-10% to the weight of component A. 

Component A is mixed with component B in the ratio of 100 to 35. Use a separate container for mixing. 

Approximate material consumption – 200 g/m2.  

When working, use protective gloves, mask and glasses. 

For application use a nylon roller with the width of 20-60 cm and with the pile height of 6-12 mm.