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Dekotla Primer

Concrete epoxy primer.

exc.VAT 22%

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Dekotla Epoxy Primer

- Solvent free (not water based)
- Binds weak and friable surface
- Ensures maximum long term adhesion of the floor coating
- Prime and coat in the same day cutting labour costs and waiting time

A two pack solvent free concrete floor primer especially designed to reduce suction on porous, prior to application of Dekotla E-1000, Dekotla E-2000.
It has significant benefits over traditional water-based primers in respect of penetration, substrate binding and curing. Not for use on non-porous surfaces.

Coverage approx. 10m2 on normal surfaces and 5m2 on more porous surfaces, per 1 kg.

Specification of Dekotla Epoxy Primer

Appearance gloss
Primer Required no
Usage - Interior / Exterior Interior
Usage - Properties solvent-free, reduces suction on porous surfaces, helps to bind weak and friable surfaces, reduces shut down time
Usage - Surfaces floor
Max Operational Temp (deg C) 25
Coverage (m² per kg) 10 on normal surfaces or 5 on very porous surfaces
Application - Curing Time (hours) 10 - 12 at 20-25 degrees
Application - Pot Time (hours) 0.5 at 15-20 degrees
Application - Recommended Coats 1

Preparation and Application

Surface Preparation

Concrete to be treated must be at least twelve weeks old, completely dry and free of surface laitance, contaminants and any previous poorly bonded coatings. All traces of grease or oil should be removed with emulsifying degreasant and the area thoroughly washed off and allowed to dry.


Pour the component B into component A and mix thoroughly until uniform in colour. The mixed components must be decanted into a scuttle and used immediately. If the mixed components are not decanted immediately, they will quickly become unusable and the mixing tin will become very hot and could pose a hazard.


Best results are obtained in warm (minimum 15°C), dry conditions with good ventilation.

Apply with a medium pile simulated sheepskin roller, working well into the surface of the concrete